This Song Has a Chorus (Really, We Promise)

by AstroTuna

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Oh gods, this song is terrible! Why the hell did I write this?


I woke up one morning and went to the store
hoping to find the words that would rhyme with store
Beautiful summers and long winters green
the seasons are changing, you know what I mean

here comes the next part I need to create
but here's an idea I'm sure will be great
because every song like this must have a chorus
I'll give you the honors would you sing it for us

I stood on the lakes edge just watching the birds
it's really quite lovely if you find the right words
steaming hot cocoa and crystalline tea
are two of my favorite things except for the tea

here comes that part again the same as the last
It sure feels like this song has gone by quite fast
it's up to you again now make sure not to bore us
just do me a favor would you sing it for us

Yeah! Guitar Solo!

an old man once told me I was such a bore
I said to him thank you that word rhymes with store
cinnamon sugar on toasted french bread
that's when the old man hit me on the head

now is the time when all good things must end
I really feel like I can call you my friend
for this one last time lets all sing the chorus
but I still don't know the words would you sing it for us


released October 27, 2016
Falen-chan (產非林) - Singing, Lyrics, Moés
Ian - Ukulele, Meowsic, "Guitar" Solo, Even More Singing

Shoutout to the moé sugar girls 4eva!




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AstroTuna Santa Barbara, California

Moé sugar girls forever! Until we come up with something better... no wait, don't actually type that... god damnit!


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